Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday, September 4, 2009

birdies, flowers, and such things.

this guy was crazy...he went way higher than this too, i just didnt get a pic of it.
birdies running away from the water...

yay for flowers.

Friday, August 21, 2009

1 picture. yay.

life has been crazyyy busy...school started,so basically my life ended...just kidding. summer was amazing tho and i am so thankful for it, i took more than 2000 pictures and i'm leaving you with one...that is blurry and not good at all, but it cracks me up. the week before school started our family went to a beach house for a week, it was so funn, but the water was freezinggg! this old man was at least in his 60's and he went out here and did this everyday...yes, crazy. i know.

just click on it to see it bigger, at first i thought he was walking on water...i was like whats going onnn here!
he's on some type of surf board i think...

Monday, July 27, 2009


the past couple of weeks have been crazyy...so i havent been able to blog or post any pictures lately...but i want something new...i hate looking at that flower. haha. i know i say that like every time i blog lately, but we are going to a beach house next week, and when i get back from that, i'll post a big summer post! i cant believe its almost over...:(
happy day!

and because posts are boring without pictures...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

summer time

i sat here for a couple minutes trying to decide what to write, but im not even gonna try. basically this summer has been crazy busy, but so much fun. i know there is no significance in posting a random picture of a flower but its been like 3 weeks...and i'm getting tired of the last post, and i'm sure you are too. happy summer to you all :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cowboy Festival

ok, so a couple weeks ago, maybe more like 2 months, maybe 8 years for all i know, I went to the cowboy festival with Kenzie. we just walked around, had frozen lemonade, and made fun of all the weirdly dressed people...as you will see below. the cowboy festival is where they open up melody ranch for a weekend...melody ranch is a studio where they have filmed a bunch of movies, Holes, Bedtime Stories, Little House on the Prairie, etc, that happens to be in the canyon. since we are residents we get in for free. all the people that go dress up like there is no tomorrow...literally...like they dont care what they look like or anything.

here's one of kenz...to refresh your memory.
Alright, so this guy has guts. how would you like to stand on top of a horse named booger (no joke) and lasso yourself?? i really wanted him to fall off, just so i could laugh in his face and prove that horse riding is one of the most dangerous things ever.
this is when i walked away, and realized that he had to stand in order for people to wanna watch him. how boring...

one of those that believed there was no tomorrow...Here we have daniel boone...and some 8 foot tall man...he tried to lasso me...i fell over.Um, a unhealthy squanto...or an indian nacho libre with long hair. not quite sure. we called him squancho...later on, we saw him again, and this time we were both like, "he has a wife now!!....or...another brother...that works too..."this guy reminded us of the mean guy in Dennis the Menace. i was sincerely scared of him. if only i got a shot of his face.i ran a vintage action on this pic...think it kinda fits with the subject and stuff. these cars were used in a famous movie, i just cant remember which one...hahai love this picture. i don't know why...i dont even know who this little girl is. i just love it.i like this one too...alright. thats all....happy day!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

happy day!

This pic is kinda old but whatever. messing on photoshop today...not sure if i like this action. its gotta really weird name and i dont wanna even try to spell it. you can make up a name for it. i know he doesnt look very happy in this pic...but, he usually is!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

going by fast

life is going by fast. haha.
april marked me not cutting my hair for a year, which seems like last week.
and today marks me getting home from this...

To this. aww pretty. fire. i love fire. i joke.

anyways, happy summer!

Friday, May 29, 2009


meet jack. he's my cousin. I take pride that he is my cousin cause he's awesome. If this doesn't make you laugh, i don't know what will.
maybe this? click here or here .... why are little kids so funny?